Scheduling Meetings is as Easy as 1-2-3!

Here's how your clients can schedule an appointment with you in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 

Select a Date & Time

Appointment Calendar

Step 2 

Enter Name, Email & Phone

Appointment Date Selector

Step 3 

Click "Schedule Meeting" to schedule an appointment.

Appointment Scheduled

See a Live Calendar

Features for your Clients

✔ Schedule Meetings from Any Device

Simple, Clean & Responsive design to make it easy for your clients to schedule meetings with you. Cross-compatible with mobile & desktop devices.

✔ All Time Slots Displayed in Client's Local Time 

Your clients, wherever they are, will see your availability according to their local time zone.

✔ Schedule Meetings for 1 Person or a Group of People

Clients can schedule a 1-to-1 meeting or add additional guests to the meeting. They all receive their invites once the client has scheduled the appointment.

✔ Opt for an Online 1-to-1 Video Meeting

Need a meeting with video-conferencing? Check the box to enable a video meeting and the system would generate a video link, and send it along with the meeting confirmation email. 

 Automated notifications

Once the client has scheduled a meeting, the system notifies them with automated email notification with a button to add the meeting to their calendar.

Appointment Scheduler Mobile

Create your Calendar

Features for You

✔ Managing your Availability Slots is Easier than Ever! 

Create availability slots for each day or Save Time by creating Slots for Up to 30 days at once!

✔ Sync with your Google Calendar to prevent Double Bookings

Connect your Google Calendar for 2-way sync i.e., block availability in BookMeet.Us for meetings booked in Google Calendar and update availability in Google Calendar for meetings booked in BookMeet.Us.

✔ Add the Scheduled Meetings to Google Calendar & iCal

Automated notification, sent after a meeting is scheduled, includes the buttons to add the meeting to your Google and iCloud calendars.

✔ Enable 1-to-1 Video Meetings or Use your Video-conferencing Platform

Let your clients set up a 1-to-1 or Many-to-1 video meeting with you. Use our default video-conferencing platform or configure your own Zoom/GoToMeeting link.

✔ Platform-wide SSL encryption

BookMeet uses HTTPS and HSTS across the platform for secure connections and is accessible via a 256-bit SSL certificate. Here's the latest SSL certificate report.

✔ 99.99% uptime

Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud power BookMeet servers. With backup servers in place, our system ensures zero downtime.

✔ GDPR compliant

In full compliance with GDPR Data Protection rules. Users have the option to delete their accounts at any time.

Appointment Schedule Builder

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Join our community to ask for advice or share your own. Report issues and get them resolved within 24 hours, submit Feature Requests, and enjoy the Reliability of Dryfta with a 99.97% Uptime. 

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